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Urdu vocabulary

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Urdu Vocabulary Words

Urdu sign

Urdu is a conglomerate of Persian, Arabic and various local languages. The spoken language is similar to Hindi, but is written in the Perso-Arabic script. Thus, the Urdu written below is a phonetic representation just for foreigners, not anything like the actual word written in Urdu.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but many of the smaller areas also have their own language. Some of the rural folk, especially the women and children, still speak only their local language.

See the bottom of this page, or our reading list, for some books on beginning Urdu script.

1 = ek 8 = aath 25 = pachees
1.5 = dehr 9 = naw 30 = tees
2 = doh 10 = dus 40 = chalees
2.5 = dhai 11 = gyara 50 = pachaas
3 = teen 12 = bara 100 = ek saw
4 = char 13 = tera 2,000 = doh hazaar
5 = paanch 14 = chawda 100,000 = ek lakh
6 = chhe 15 = pandra 10 = million ek crore
7 = saath 20 = bees ** 25 & 50 similar


Greeting (Peace be with you)

Salaam alay kum

Reply to Greeting
(With you also be peace)

Waalay kum as salaam
How are you? Aapka (or Tumhara) kya hal heyh?

I am well.

Theekh heyh or Theek thak.
What is your name?

Aapka (or Tumhara) naam kya heyh?

Do you speak English? Kya aap angrezi boltay heyn?
I am English/American/French Meyn angrez/amrikan/fransisi hun.
Which way to Skardu? Skardu kiss taraf heyh?
How much is this/that? Yeyh/Voh kitne ky heyh?
Thank you Shukria.
Good Bye Khoodha Haafiz.
Yes Ji haan, haanji or haan


Naheen (na’en)
Okay/Good Achhaa
When? Kub?
Three O’clock Teen bajay
Morning Subha
Evening Shaam
Go/going Jao/Jaana
Near Nazdeek
Far Dur
Food Khana
To eat food Khana khana
To drink Peena
Meat Gosht
Beef Gai ka gosht
Goat meat Bakri ka gosht
Chicken Murghi
Fish Machii/machhlii
Egg Anda
Vegetable Subzi
Potato Aalu
Spinach Palak
Lentils Daal
Rice Chavel
Bread (3 varieties) Roti, naan, chapati
Baked bread Double roti
Yoghurt Dahi
Water Pani
Tea Chai
Salt Namak
Sugar Cheeni
Home/house Ghar/makaan
Bed (2 types) Palang, charpoy
Blanket Kambal
Pillow Takya
Sheet Chader
Fan Pankha
Candle Mombutti
Hot Garam
Cold Thanda (m)/thandi (f)
Small Chhota (m)/chhoti (f)
Big Burha (m)/burhi (f)
Clean Saaf
Local clothing outfit Shalwar kameez
Ladies scarf to go with outfit Dupatta

To learn some Urdu script or vocabulary, try one of the books below. It can be fun to be able to read a few of the signs along the way.

Teach Yourself Beginner's Urdu Script (Teach Yourself)

 beginning urdu

Teach Yourself Urdu (Teach Yourself (Book & Cassette))

urdu - pakistan language lessons

Urdu for Beginners

urdu for beginners


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