Peshawar Pakistan

Downtown PeshawarThis is a view of downtown Peshawar from the Bala Hisar Fort built by the Mogul emperor Babur. The walls are thick, and it must have been almost impossible for anyone to breach from the outside. While I was there, the US had just compelled Pakistan to close the border with Afghanistan. This meant that the Khyber Pass area was closed to tourists.
Downtown PeshawarLots of guns look out over the city. Note how empty the highway is. Most roads in Pakistan are packed with busses, cars, lorries, donkey carts, rickshaws, bicycles and motorcycles.
Peshawar FortAnother view of the fort walls. Inside the fort is housing for hundreds and enough secret rooms and tunnels for a lifetime of exploration.
Peshawar MarketThis is the famous storytellers bazaar in the morning before the crowds build. In another few hours, it will be packed with shoppers and browsers. Doesn't that fruit look great?

MosqueThis is the famous Mahabat Khan Mosque built around 1630. The details of the construction are amazing with lots of stone mosaics and intricate details. The call to prayer and prayers themselves are inspiring even if you are not a Muslim. Before praying, each man removes his shoes and washes.

The women have a separate place to pray. This is very clever, because if Pakistani men and women were praying together, the men would be thinking of the women rather than thinking of Allah.

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