Pakistan and Indian Border Display

Pakistan BorderThe Pakistan and Indian border is about a half hour outside of Lahore. It is a well developed tourist area, with this place ---> where (under heavy guard) you can walk from Pakistan to India and back. It is interesting to see the two uniforms of the Pakistani and India service. The Pakistan soldier is on the right, in black, and the Indians are in green. All very sharp, and much more watchful than you might expect from a mostly decorative border crossing.

Indian BorderEvery sunset, the border guards put on a very interesting flag lowering ceremony/display. Because of Masood's connections, we were able to view it from the VIP section, which made for much better pictures.

In a heartening display of cooperation, the Indian and Pakistani soldiers met between the borders and shook hands.

MarchingThen, the two guard units attempt to outdo each other in martial displays: shouting, and stomping around the border in mock military maneuvers. All while the crowds (you can see the bleachers on the Indian side) shout patriotic slogans.
Pakistan BorderAfter a few minutes of this posturing, the main flag ceremony begins. The men all wear taps on the bottoms of their boots for more impressive stomping and running.
Flag LoweringIn a carefully choreographed ceremony, the men meet at the border, salute each other, and untie the flags.
Flag LoweringAnd finally lower them and fold them. Salute and march smartly back to the barracks. Everyone cheering wildly in a great patriotic display. This all happens right at sunset, so these pictures did get abused a little in Photoshop to make them usable.

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