Gilgit - The center of Pakistan's
Northern Areas

Downtown Gilgit This is the main street in Gilgit. The bazaars are all on side streets. You can see the minaret from the main street mosque. Note the expensive 4x4 vehicles. These are very common up here where the police are not likely to ask for license and registration. They are all smuggled from Afghanistan and are essentially illegal imports.
Colorful bazaarThis is the clothing section of the Gilgit bazaar. These are mostly cheap imports from China, via the Karakoram highway. Most shops are about the size and shape of a single car garage. Unlock and open the metal rolling door, and you are ready for business. The clothing is hung from the roof using a long stick with a nail in the end.
Hunza hat salesmanThis is the gentleman who sold me my Hunza hat. He gave me a series of different colors. They laughed the loudest at this one, so I knew I had found my color. As usual, everyone was very happy to post for a photo.
Willy jeep repairWhile bouncing down the KKH, the water pump went out on the jeep. Fortunately, we were near the Willy's Jeep center in Gilgit. This is a large courtyard with jeeps in various stages of repair. After some gupchupping and examination, the mechanic spent an hour taking a scary number of parts off the jeep, removed the water pump, and replaced it with a used one from another engine, and returned all the parts to their proper place. The jeep started on the first try, and we were back on the road. Total cost, about $40.
Suspension bridgeThis bridge is one of the few crossing points of the Gilgit River. It is a narrow suspension bridge that goes into a tunnel on the far side. There is a guy on top of the bluff with flags telling you to go or wait.
View of suspension bridgeThis is the view while driving across the bridge, it is about 8 inches wider than the jeep, and sways back and forth about 6 feet. It feels like the jeep has become a boat.

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