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Highlands to the Islands

Altitude: 2m 6ft Max / Anytime / 4 Days
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resort island
resort island
A visit to the tropical island paradise of Maldives provides the perfect closure for your trip to the rugged and awe inspiring mountains of Pakistan. We can arrange for a five day extension to any of our excursions so you can enjoy this unique country of more than a thousand islands located in the Indian Ocean.

All hotels, transportation and meals are covered for your holiday on the pristine white sandy beaches of the Maldives. After only a few hours of flight from Pakistan, the round emerald-like islands appear like set gems below you. A gentle hot salty breeze off the ocean will caress you as you exit the aircraft.

The Dhoni (typical Maldivian boat) ride from the airport to Male, capital of Republic of the Maldives, will put you in an easy island mood! Here you will spend a night in a hotel and have ample opportunity to visit the local bazaars. The next day we will transport you by Dhoni to one of the many outlying island resorts. These luxury resorts are independent from each other and are self-sufficient.

On these islands the most important activity is snorkeling or scuba diving in one of the most magnificent coral reefs. After experiencing the world's highest elevations, the warm inviting water of the Indian Ocean along with the abundance of various colorful marine life rewards one with the best of both worlds. Upon our return, we sail back to Male for a one night stay before our Dhoni ride to the Male Airport for our return flight.



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