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Wing Commander Lanky Ahmad passed away on October 12, 2004 at Lahore, Pakistan where he was born in 1924 and is buried in the Pakistan Air Force graveyard located just before the landing strip of the Lahore International Airport runway.

Picture Gallery II

Mr. Yousaf Haroon and Airport Manager, Karachi

Sqdn/Ldr Masroor Hosain laying a wreath at the monument of unknown solider at Sydney, Australia

Hockey Team arrived in Sydney with Flt/Lts Hafeez Rana and Durrani

Mrs. Akhtar, wife of A.O.C. 1 group presenting Tennis Trophy to the Author.

Station Commanders Army and Air Force with Young Masood Ahmad waiting for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh.

President of Turkey and Shahinshah of Iran inspecting a Guard or Honour at PAF, Lahore

Field Marshall Sir Auchinleck with Wing Commander M. Akhtar, Mr. Risaluddin and Sqdn/Ldr Rahim Khan.

F.M.Auchinleck with Mrs. Cannon and Mrs. Noor Khan in a party hosted by my father Mr. S.A. Hai

Mr. Chon-en-lai, Prime Minister of China received by the author.

Princess Beateaux of Holland welcomed by Station Commander PAF Lahore.


Shahinshah of Iran greeted by Senior Officers of Lahore Garrison.


King Hussein of Jordan presented with an Air Force Shield by AVM Cannon. C in C Air Force.


President Natsir with staff at the Egyptian Ambassador's house in Karachi.


President Bayar of Turkey escorted by Khan Qurban Ali Khanm, the Governor of N.W.F. P. at Peshawar Airport.