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Wing Commander Lanky Ahmad passed away on October 12, 2004 at Lahore, Pakistan where he was born in 1924 and is buried in the Pakistan Air Force graveyard located just before the landing strip of the Lahore International Airport runway.

Picture Gallery I 

Dedicated to the memory of my entire first IAF/PAF Course-mates Asif, Saleem-el-Edroos, Chowdhry and Chopping who sacrificed their lives in the early years of Pakistan Air Force (names as above from left to right including the author - 1947.

President Bayar of Turkey and Author's father.


Air Marshal Asghar Khan, Captain Abdullah Beg and the Author.


King Ibne Saud received by the Governor-General and Muhammad Ali Bogra. Prime Minister


King of Iraq and Regent Abdul Illah greeted by Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, Governor-General


Prince Ali Khan, Field Marshall Ayub Khan and Begum Vicarunnisa Noon.


King Hussein of Jordan asking "what are you doing in civil dress"


Mr. Arnold Palmer and his wife after flying the author in their aircraft at Oklahoma city.


Mr. Iskander Mirza Interior Minister and General Ayub Khan, Defense Minister conspiring to oust the G.G. at hishouse.


C in C RAF and station commander PAF, Lahore